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I am a research scientist studying ice sheets and polar oceans as indicators of climate change. I am formally trained as a computer scientist and earth scientist focusing on polar glacier hydrology and oceanography. I regularly work or have worked in the following areas:

  • Collecting data from high-risk remote field sites such as underneath a glacier, within a crevasse field, or from the ocean at the edge of calving glaciers.
  • Leading logistically complicated field campaigns with international stakeholders and participants ranging from multi-national corporations to Ph.D. students.
  • Reproducible computational workflows and scientific publications using open source tools.
  • Custom or novel sensor life-cycle - Design, development, construction, deployment, operation, and field repair/debugging.
  • Remote sensing including spacecraft operations and mission control, sensor calibration, and end-user imagery use.
  • Public outreach and education including popular press interviews, museum display creation, and speaking engagements on all seven continents from the U.N. General Assembly Room to kindergarten classrooms.

For more information, please read the relevant publications or my CV.


Here are some photos from some of my fieldwork. Many of these have papers (listed below) describing the project in more detail.

Antarctic Selfie


Recovering an airplane engine from a crevasse field

(Photo by Austin Lines)


Driving the WHOI JetYak


Rappelling into a glacier moulin

(Photo by Jennifer Macalady)


Working inside a subglacial conduit

(Photo by Matt Covington)


Pancake ice



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